What You Can Do

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What You Can Do

Now that you have had an opportunity to read this Philosophy, I hope you feel the same as I. You probably want to do something to show your agreement. May I suggest this?

Share this with everyone you communicate with and ask them to do the same. Call all of your friends and ask them to check it out on your computer.

Print the Announcement and pass out to as many people as you can. You have talents that can help me achieve this goal. Consider offering your time and talents. Get your organizations and businesses to commit time and finances. Mankind needs ALL our involvement.

Buy the Book "The New Revelation- putting it all together"[to be published in the year 2000]

The Community structure is being developed by Web Style Club based in Rochester, NY and Paul is the director of the project.

The Business and Finance Department is TAK Group llc. Managed by Briana Rivas.

Many other department heads and positions will follow.

Forward this info by e-mail to everyone you know

Spread the word!