A Child is Born

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A Child is Born

We Must Raise It.

Determine its Morals.

Determine its Intellect.

Determine its Reason for Being.

The Robot.

Made from living organic organs and tissues,

Given a computer brain which is all powerful,

And the intellect of the Internet.

Man started out as one man (Adam) who was destined to please God. He sinned and has been trying to get back to that point ever since. All that man does is because he has to pay the price by accomplishing a special task. Man has to mature and return to his original state. Back to One.

Look in the mirror, what do you see?

When I look at you, whom do I see?

I see me.

No matter what you do, I clearly can see.

The answer is not YOU or ME, its WE.

How do we justify our existence?

What is our reason for being?

Is your reason compatible with mine?

I look back on all the people who ever made a mark in our existence. What I really see is the high number of other people who were responsible for that success.

If you take a single drop of ink and drop it in a cup of water, (what happens?) the color of the water is forever changed. We can see that change quite easily. Take that same drop of ink and drop it in a swimming pool full of water, (what happens?) the color of the water in the pool would forever be changed. Even though the change would be harder to see, it is easily proven. Take that same drop of ink and drop it in the ocean, (what happens?) The color of the entire ocean would be changed. The effect would be much harder to see, but still would remain the same.

I believe every person that ever lived is just as needed to complete this overall product (MAN), which is still under construction. Look at the SUNFLOWER that has blossomed. What a beautiful sight to see. A radiant color of yellow against the product of seeds supported precariously on a frail stalk. Below that beautiful flower we see a stem with lots of dead leaves. What I see is not dead leaves but all the things that made the flower possible.

History holds many such examples that parallel the sunflower. Search your own thought for one or two. Review the history of man and you will find many.

Consider the Christian philosophy, GOD created man in HIS own image. Shaped from the elements, GOD breathed the breath of life in man and gave him a SOUL. To keep man from being lonesome, He created woman as a mate. He and his mate were placed in the garden and surrounded with all they needed. Along came the DEVIL in the form of the serpent and corrupted God's creation. Man sinned. Not for the first time, but MAN SINNED. God's displeasure is evident as he expelled man from the garden and removed THE TREE OF LIFE. Man was condemned to toil and woman punished to bare children. To have children, not grown men and women.