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CREED: Moments of reflection

How many of us own a computer? Not a game base or the many popular gadgets that we use: Organizers, Beepers, Cell Phones, etc. not Cable TV, Web TV, CD Recorder, etc., but a personal computer that requires software and is capable of functioning as your partner and good friend.

We computer literates represent perhaps the more influential group in our community. With such a small ratio owning computers, imagine what the ratio of users to non-users must be among those less fortunate. Those who have neither the training nor the resources.

Technology came and knocked on our door. Those of us who heard the knock opened the door. What we discovered, we owe to our brothers and sisters, yes and to our friends, we owe it to them to make sure we all benefit.

Computers have changed our lives: We conduct most of our day to day business on computers. We use to have secretaries who composed our letters, answered the telephone, made all our appointments and scheduled meetings. The publication people would produce our technical documents and prepare materials for presentations at meetings. Now, we rely on our computer for mail, managing our appointments and to accomplish all the things our support staff did.

Computers have changed the way we shop. Now we can log on and shop for anything from flowers to automobiles. We can compare prices and check the reputation of the selling businesses. We can view in many cases, the products before we buy, and we can pay for our products electronically. We use our computers to provide security around our homes and offices. The computer will tell us when someone comes to visit or when there is an intruder. It can summon assistance for the sick and elderly and the police when needed. Most of our fun and entertainment is provided through TV and Computers. Unfortunately, this is the one usage we all know.

We have come a long way in the last 100 years. Look at the reason for this progress. The emphasis was on education, which requires one to learn to read and write so that an exchange of ideas could lead to formation of principals that we could use to assist others and ourselves around the world. Those who did not learn to Read and Write, for whatever reason, found themselves totally left out of the education stream. Any one who can’t operate a computer now is in the same spot people found themselves when they couldn’t read and write. Try making a phone call for services and you hear those computer choices. If the call is long distance, you may have to first dial a computer to save money on the call. The banks transact most of their business through ATM Machines and the Net. Yes, our daily existence depends on our using computers. The same as reading and writing. You who worked so long to catch up, who learned to read and write, who use their education to obtain jobs of meager income are now in that same dilemma. Because of the need to operate computers, you find yourselves still one step behind.

No man is an island. We all need someone.

We all owe someone.

We as a people can only prosper and move forward when we all can.

Take advantage of the new discoveries and all reap the benefits. We live in a world where there are ample resources so that no one should want for the basics: food, shelter and clothing. Everyone should have the benefit of electricity. And, we can teach the world to read and write. We cannot do this by force, but we who have, must respect all of mankind and be willing to share. Until then, we the masses will remain one step behind.

How many of us with real computers subscribe to the Internet. Of those who do, I wonder what percent really use the net to do business, to do our shopping, to be our partner, or to meet a new friend.

Things that mean the most are never free

I realized that the Internet concept is a paradigm shift when everyone began including their web address with their address and phone numbers. Believe it or not, the Internet is becoming the new and preferred way of ordering our lives.

We meet new friends and life-long partnersas well as business associates. We order products and services. We entertain ourselves in countless ways. We learn from the pool of common knowledge that is gradually building and we also influence it. We educate ourselves and we allow our children to educate themselves.

Technology is always best used by the next generation

Here we are, those few who see the handwriting on the wall as the logic in the database. We know just as sure as day and night, the net will become the determination of the level of ones intellect. Again watching, as our people seem to be missing the boat.

We must become examples of what we know. We must do whatever is necessary to bring our people into the main stream of this new technology while it is evolving so that we too can learn from and influence the pool of common knowledge.

To not commit to such a challenge would be putting us all in jeopardy again. We must learn to use the Internet. Then we can influence what is there by first being there - one more voice, and include our thoughts and views.

The reality is things come, in time things change. We are a moment in history. We are experiencing the beginning of the computer/Internet age. As sure as time moves on, there are people of vision already contemplating and planning the next step or paradigm shift.

If we as a people do not step up to this challenge, we, our brothers, our sisters, and all of our friends will again fall behind.

Let us not end up two steps behind

Har-v promotions, inc. is a new corp. Dedicated to making human beings aware of the future and how our lives are about to change.

The concept of mankind developing the brain (intellect, knowledge) of the creation of man may be a tough concept for many. Hopefully, in time and with much explanation, we all can except our fate - our real reason for being.

I challenge you to come with me and explore the possibilities. Challenge yourself to review this material and agree or disagree. I’m sure you will find it worth your while

We offer a variety of opportunities, all leading to the betterment of mankind.