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Remember, the last BIG change in mankind? (Noah's Ark) Man has been set a task to redeem himself. This task has dominated mans existence since the horrible happening in the garden. It continued through God's displeasure with man and destroying all of civilization, except for Noah's family.

We must prepare ourselves for the next change and try to envision the ultimate task for mankind. I believe that as we examine our individual positions, we need to know what others believe also. This will require us to develop a yardstick that we all can use to compare basic point.

A good place to start would be with the major world religions I believe there is an underlying commonality that can be revealed when we learn about all of them.


Look up basics of each major Religion:

Where did man come from?

Concept of good and evil:

Belief of after life:

How to treat people:

Racial beliefs:

Relation to family:

Sanctity of life:

What ultimate conclusion for Mankind will be?

How does a person measure their worth to themselves and to mankind? When you really look at yourself, do you like what you see? Answer the questions below, and then make another evaluation (of course, there are no wrong answers). What is grooming?

What do you do that is considered grooming?

Bathe, wash, comb hair, make-up, nails, polish shoes (explain each one).

Which ones would you do even if no one forced you?


Define your understanding of religion.

Are you religious? Explain:

Describe your understanding of Heaven.

Describe your understanding of Hell.

What is your Soul?

What do you want to happen to your Soul when you die?

Would you attend church if no one forced you?

Would you go to a different church? Why?

Would you go to a different faith? Why?

How many of your friends know that:

You have no religion:

You go to worship services:

Participate in the service:

Sing in the choir:

Usher at church:


Would you invite your friends to your church?

How would you do that?

Do you believe in God?

What do you think about your relationship with God?

Write a prayer.


Look up definition.

When should etiquette be used? Do you?

Where can one learn etiquette? Where did you?

Applying rules of proper etiquette:

How are your eating habits?

Can you set a formal table?

How is your posture?

Are you a courteous person?

Are you polite to others?

What do you consider "dressed up"?

Would you like to improve? Where?

What do you need to do to improve?


Look up definition of Character.

Describe your character.

Include: reliability, dependability, morals, pride, and personality.

What one trait of your character do you like most?

What one trait would you change?

If you were describing yourself over the telephone, to someone you never met, what would you say?

Plan for the future.

What do you want to do/be when you grow up?

What do you have to do to achieve that?

How do you plan to live (support yourself)?

How much income will you need?

What type of work will give you that income?

How long do you have to prepare for your future?

When should you prepare?

How can you tell if you are on track?

Are your plans realistic (within your reach)?

Where would you go for help?

At what age do you plan to be able to support yourself?

Are you in tune with the goals of unifying mankind?

Your talents are greatly needed.

Your commitment is our goal.