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I Have an Adventure to Share with You

I have an adventure to share with you. I hope you will want to follow along on this adventure and, if you do, you will want to join me and share this trip.

It started a long time ago (22 years), with a request and a promise: I asked for direction and made a promise to follow Him direction. I remembered being struck by lightning.

That night, I got up at 3:30 AM and started writing. I finished about 7 AM. I gathered all of the things I had written over the years. As I read through them and what I had just written, my task began to develop. My purpose became clear and I created a way to accomplish it.

My writings led me to a moral conviction that inspired a new philosophy – World Unity. I would build my business as a vehicle to demonstrate the philosophy. In order to share the philosophy, there must be an example of it at work. I would start at the top of the business world and create a corporation.

The Community of Agape’ is being developed as a practical example of the philosophy at work. It is a community based on morality, equality, opportunity and prosperity.

This is a new beginning. This time we can do it Wright. What if sin had never entered the world? Imagine how mankind could have developed. Sin led to greed which now rules our existence. Our philosophy takes the position that never happened and greed did not develop.

This challenge scared me. I thought of the people who would be affected: good and bad. I thought of my safety and the people who would try to prevent our development. I resolved to devote my resources and my life to my promise.

One day I realized that Willie was no longer in control. Every time I did something, I ask myself: what would Adam do in this situation? Finally, I realized that the New Adam was directing my actions. Willie gave way to Adam. Adam created the philosophy and concept of Agape’. He needed a practical way to develop the community and decided that my corporation could develop the structure of this new world.

The development of the structure of the Internet community of Agape’ became the prime project of Har-V Promotions, Inc. Har-V would direct the development of the structure of the first community and take instructions from Adam. The concept of a new world required a medium that would be universal. The creation of the Internet and the World Wide Web filled that requirement. This time Adam took the opportunity to look back on everything that had happened to mankind and learn from our mistakes. He would develop a community that would have a real moral conscience. It would give everyone a reason for being. Everyone would have an opportunity to develop their talents, a place to use them and be fairly compensated (for the 50 to 100 years in which we have to use our talents). Everyone will have a chance to contribute to the destiny of mankind. What is the destiny of mankind? I believe that mankind is on a quest for redemption. A chance for forgiveness and again live in the Garden. The garden is a metaphor for a life of fulfillment: A life of harmony and production. The garden was the first farm: There were many business and job opportunities.

Agape’ has businesses and jobs developing a support structure for its citizens while they aren’t working or running a business: All of the things that make life safe and comfortable, the things we use for entertainment and education, where we develop friendships, neighbors and a sense of community.

Adam is creating the design of this first community to be an example for communities to come. He lives in the garden and provides for its development and the products of its existence. He works diligently providing a home for his mate. They will live in the garden and be reverent for its beauty and harmony.

Adam and I have come a long way. We understand the concept of a new beginning and have collaborated on its design. I have dedicated my corporate resources to provide the support structure while Adam lives in the garden. He tells me he is comfortable with this beginning but he longs for his mate. I see the evidence of his desire becoming a reality. He shares details of her creation.

Something wonderful is happening. This new world of Agape’ is our chance for a new beginning. It will take the talents of many citizens working in harmony to develop its structure. This time everyone will have an equal opportunity. There is work to be done. Each person will be fairly rewarded for their contribution.

Our desire is to attract people to this new. Its philosophy is the reason for