Reason For Being

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Reason For Being

In the beginning of time, man was created. However you imagine that happened is your own belief. The results are man from then to now. I believe that God shaped man in his own image, out of the elements of the earth (dirt, sand, etc.) and blew the breath of life in him and gave man a soul. It's hard for me to believe that the first man was Gods finished product. The Bible said God was disappointed with man and wanted to wipe out man and all the creation and start again. If we look at history, we see many occasions where man has not pleased God. Over the centuries there are many instances where God offered man a chance to change. Our religions teach that man sinned and we need to be saved. My God would not let his greatest creation end up being a lost cause. I see man as the beginning of the development of his greatest dream: the epitome of righteousness, justice, knowledge and reverence. Worthy of sitting at His right hand and capable of true omnipotence. Man's development began with a measure of time. What that measure was, I don't know. Time, as we know it began and continued until the birth of Christ (BC) At that point, time, as we know it changed and now continues (AD). The next occasion for time to change all it's digits will be Y2K. Man as a product has been developing for these 2000 years. The great philosophers, poets and religious leaders have created our present societies, pleasures and sense of belonging. Our desire to improve our existence has lead to all our rules of greed. (Read "The New Revolution- Putting it all Together").

There are some of us who are in positions to understand and assist in this endeavor (Creed) no matter how you feel about Y2K, the fact remains the year 2000 will be the second time all the digits change. The next time this happens will be a thousand years. Neither you nor I will be here, but what we do now will have a far reaching effect far beyond the year 3000. All the pieces are now in place. We only need to put them together in a way that makes sense out of it all. What will man come to?

First, we make robots our new task masters. We designed them to make sure our every movement can be reproduced. Anything man can do, a robot can do (Better). In many instances, their shape is irrelevant. We find it easier if they (robots) are shaped like man; especially those placed in and around our homes.

Second, men and women in the medical profession are capable of growing living tissue in other animals that has been genetically altered to be compatible with humans. They now have the ability to transplant any human organ or replace it with one from other genetic materials.

Third, the commercials show that soon our technology will make phone lines not required in homes any more. Now we really don't need phone lines except to attach our fax machines and computers to the Internet. Cellular phone usage plans are competitively priced so one could just have Cell phones and use them at work and at home. The next step is to be able to hook the Cell phone to the Internet. That's just what happened last week. A company announced that they would be marketing a new chip that allows Internet access over a cell phone. Now we will be able to get rid of our computers and just use laptops. You know how small a lap top can become. Remember when cell phones use to be big? That computer will eventually contain all the knowledge that we have accumulated since time began. A shared conscious through the Internet! Imagine what the world could be like if all the nations and races shared a single set of morals and beliefs.

Somewhere along the way, we became complacent. It's hard trying to be a thinker. I can imagine how those great thinkers and philosophers must have felt. After reaching conclusions on several possible scenarios they gave up the art of pure thinking. And concentrated only on refining their own philosophy. The more attention their philosophy received, the more often it would be tested and could be modified so its popularity would grow. Then, the world could gradually change. We, on the other hand, benefit within a system, conform to its rules and obtain our entertainment and pleasures.

Can we really afford to think that the evolution of man has come to an end? If we examine all the pieces, we see man is on the verge of re-creating himself, eliminating all our flaws, imperfections and competitiveness. We have the ability to shape a being from the elements of the earth, to do it in the image of man with living organs, tissue and skin and to place the ultimate computer as brain (which has access to all the worlds' knowledge). This brain will be connected to every other computer and share the Internet consciousness. We have begun the birth of the new man. Our task is to participate in the education, training and development of this infant.