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Well, here I am in this big city, living The American Dream. I'm fifty-four years old, fairly good looking, especially for my age, driving a late model luxury car and have very nice apartments in three other metropolitan cities in North America.

A typical day for me begins approximately 6AM with a cup of my favorite Blackberry Tea and my day-timer, followed by an hour of phone calls to the states in other time zones. I especially have to communicate with people in Seattle, Las Vegas, Texas and Mississippi. Georgia is coming along well now and I may need to check there also.

Next, I will pamper myself and prepare to challenge the world! I have several appointments for this morning and plans for a long lunch with an old friend who I haven't seen in six months. Won't he be surprised? Lunch will be at the most popular restaurant in town. Of course, I will pick up the tab. This will start him thinking. His curiosity will inevitably lead to that question: What are you into these days? Still working at the same place? It really makes me feel good to know that what I'm about to say will really benefit him.

After lunch I will prepare my notes and review my schedule for the rest of the day. Since I plan on going out tonight, I must remember to have the car washed and waxed. Yesterday, I bought eight new CDs I've been meaning to get ever since I moved here three months ago.

This afternoon, I plan to go to a couple of clubs that are known for the quality of their Happy Hour. Both places cater to people, of above-average means, that seem to say: Yes, I earn a comfortable income and can live above the necessities: (food, clothing, shelter and transportation). Places like these are where I really like doing what I do.

Usually, when I go to establishments like these, I find them crowded with some of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. The men show me what competition I have. The young ones flashing their signs of success, showing confidence in their achievements. I see $800 suits on well sculptured physiques, modest but expensive accessories. Well-polished $500 shoes and little leather business card holders, networking, you know.

The ladies, on the other hand, really bring out the best in me. Why just while driving to the club, I know I will be spotted three or four times. Heads certainly will turn. The ladies will be appropriately attired, (sexy, but business), exhibiting restrained exuberance, with their eyes on the prize. Some lucky guy will answer most of the questions right and That's All She Wrote! Now me, some lucky lady will ask that inevitable question, So what do you do? Now the fun begins. Well, I own my own business. It covers six states and allows me to travel a lot. It requires me to have residences in several states. I enjoy working for myself. And she asks, well what do you actually do? I make money. Last year I made three of my employees quite wealthy. I get great pleasure out of that.

It excites mean to see how they react to me. The attention is great! I usually have my choice of the real prizes of the evening. The best part is that I know I am really the lucky one. I get to socialize, wine and dine the most attractive women and spend my money generously every night. The people of my choosing will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. I will show them how to live the American Dream. To own your own business, achieve financial security, do all the things you always wanted to do.

I have room in my business for a few good people. How about you? Want to work with me? Only Dreamers need apply Contact:
HarVeePriomotions, LLC
Phone: 425-499-6458

In today’s world, we find people barely making ends meet. Some of us have decided to do more and improve our standard of living. We realize that working for someone else will never allow you to achieve The American Dream. The road to success has shown us that three things are needed for one to achieve any level of success, when considering a new business opportunity:

You must have a desire to achieve a greater level of success than you have now.

There are many people who are dissatisfied with their present income. They need more just to pay the bills and have some left over buy the necessities. Others feel they really could do better, if they had the chance. There are others that would like to acquire more of the luxuries life has to offer, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to earn that kind of money where they work. Even if they could work lots of overtime, they couldn't make enough because of their hourly rate of pay. Of these, the ones that have a real chance to do something about their desires are the ones willing to look at other possibilities until they find one that will meet their goals.

You must believe in the opportunity and your ability to learn what is required.

We have a tendency to look for the easy way out. A real business opportunity shouldn't be viewed as a winner in the lottery. It can't be something that's given away. Most real opportunities require a large investment from you. Time, resources and training are always required. If you can believe, you can achieve.

You must be willing to make a real commitment.

Whatever opportunity you feel is best for you will require an honest evaluation by you. If it excites you with it's potential success and you believe that you can learn what is required from proven paths of success, then the only thing keeping you from achieving that success is your commitment.

Read what we have to offer. You must be willing to learn our proven techniques and make a commitment to yourself to practice what we teach for a given time. We offer great opportunities to those self-starters who, after reviewing our market and how solid our company is, believe in themselves enough to make that commitment.

For your consideration

We make up Middle America. We pay 85 % of all U.S. taxes, we enjoy 30 % of all U.S. resources and we earn less than $50,000 a year.

We live in the greatest country in the world - maybe the greatest state. We have an opportunity to do whatever our abilities allow. We play the lottery so we can still dream. It's our hope of getting out of debt. Most of us are one paycheck from financial disaster. We are barely making ends meet. That leaves very little resources to provide for the future. We do things for fun and enjoyment according to how much they cost! We are quite unhappy and would love to change these conditions.

Perhaps you've heard that there is a better way. You can pay all your bills and have more money leftover than you spent paying those bills. You can have a home that is paid for, a financial portfolio and establish an estate to pass on to your heirs. We all have an open mind, we want to see if we can change and make our lives better.

Why are you here, (reading this article)? Someone introduced you to Services Inc. or someone told you about it. I believe The greatest opportunity to make the American Dream a reality is Pre-Paid Legal, Inc.

The American Dream: To own your own business, achieve financial independence and do all the things you've always wanted to do. We are all here for the same reasons. My task is to get a commitment from you, to challenge you to become motivated. Motivation produces hope and awakens dreamers to the reality that is now. To become motivated, we must:

First, understand that service is what we sell; Pre-Paid Legal, Inc. is the vehicle. How does it work? We've all heard the presentations: Middle Americans need our services. At this modest cost, they can't afford to be without it. We sell service, which earns money for you. We help others to do the same, which makes more money for you. We offer you an opportunity to operate your own business, which makes additional money. You can achieve financial security.

Second, you must believe that this really is a great business opportunity for you. I think it's the best!

Our business concept is work smart, duplicate yourself, Get Paid advance commissions and you become qualified for life. You are paid today for what you did years ago. Learn about our company's record of many years of quality service. We are on the American Stock Exchange and are promoted and exclaimed in major publications. We can get paid twice a week. We offer a service whose time has come.

If you can really believe in this opportunity, then you must believe in yourself and make time to share the good news. Learn an easy presentation by reading our literature and viewing the videos. Show some enthusiasm. People will believe if they believe that you believe.

Third, you must practice what you believe. If you believe, you must have faith. Faith without works is dead. Practice what works. Do what other successful associates do. Don't reinvent the wheel. Schedule your time and work your business. We have a proven method of showing you what our company is, what your product will be and what your market potential is. We have a training program to show you exactly how to operate your business. The only thing that's required is your commitment.

Will you make that commitment?

Willie R. Harvey
Independent Associate
Phone: 425-499-6458

Director Level
Phone: 310-934-6578